Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Second & Final Post For the Day..

Hi Everyone!! First, please make sure that you read my post from earlier today. It's very important to me..thanks! Next, I just wanted to say that I purchased gas logs today!! Yay! Mark that off my to-do list. I also bought the faucets for our master bath. Our debit card is probably very sad :( hehe.

I just got home from choir practice a little bit ago and every Wednesday and Sunday I realize how much I really do enjoy singing. Although I may not be the best at it, it is such a good outlet and stress reliever. It may seem silly but it amazes me how each group of singers (sopranos, tenors, etc) sings such different notes but yet it comes together sounding so beautiful. I guess thats why they call the notes harmonies. On December 7th, we are having a Christmas concert called "Imagine: A Christmas Worship Experience." I am SUPER-DOOPER excited about it. We have some work to do on it but with our ever-growing choir and our 20-or-so person orchestra it is sure to sound glorious :) Feel free to come listen and enjoy (everyone is invited) at Inman First Baptist, 6pm.

Ok, sort of random, but I am soooo excited for my sister! She is getting married Labor Day weekend in 2009 and I am excited to have a 3rd brother, Stephen! I know how much Kyle & I enjoyed our wedding and I am just ready for her to experience that same level of excitement and happiness! Her wedding website is:

Clay, Kyle's youngest brother, comes home from the Citadel on Friday. I am really excited to spend time with him! I have grown really close to Kyle's other younger brother (but older than Clay), Rhino since moving to SC and I really loveee having brothers, let me tell you! Katy, don't get me wrong, you are my one and only sister and I love you to death, but brothers (at least mine) have this spontaneous, never-know-what-to-expect, free spirit type of life that I think just invigorates me. Anyway, I think that Clay and I, and possibly Julie, are going to the mountains for a couple hours this weekend to sightsee, shop, and eat! I just realized tonight that I have choir practice Saturday morning, but hopefully we will still have time afterward to go.

Ok, that's all, I think.

Love yall!!!

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