Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just a quick request..

I came across Kayleigh's blog (link on the right side of my page), a little girl born premature weighing in at ONE pound, several weeks ago. She is in Charlotte, still in the hospital, and has overcome so many obstacles. She has had some eye problems, breathing problems, and most recently has had open heart surgery to close a hole in her heart. Kayleigh came out of her surgery SO well and was days away from going home for the first time when early this morning she started having a lot of trouble breathing and has been put back on oxygen. I am just asking that everyone please pray for this little miracle. Pray hard and pray frequently. Her family has been through so much and they are on quite a roller coaster of emotions. I also want to thank them for letting complete strangers follow along in their daily life through the blog. It has absolutely given me a new outlook on how precious life is and how touch-and-go it can really be. I really appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers for her!!! I will write more later but I didn't feel like this could wait!

Love, Jen

ps- when I ask you to pray for something, I know that everyone reading this does not necessarily believe all the same things. So, I just ask that you pray or think positive thoughts or send best wishes in whatever way you most feel comfortable! I think Kayleigh probably likes all of those things!! Thanks :)

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