Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day One...

With life crazy as it is, I decided to give myself just one more challenge. To keep family & friends updated on my increasingly busy life. First up and one of the more exciting things is that our house is SOOOO close to being done. The newest accomplishment is the beautiful landscaping.

The current "to-do" list is to finish hooking up the gas line for our fireplace, purchase the gas logs for our fireplace, rock the fireplace, install the potty in our master bathroom, and finish trim painting (door jams, etc). It may seem like a lot but that is NOTHING compared to what is behind us. For those who may not know, we bought our house as a foreclosure and Kyle, the handi-man, has been tirelessly working on it for the last year plus. Which brings me to the next thing I wanted to say. I just want to brag on Kyle for a minute. He has been so wonderful to me the entire time we have dated, been engaged, and now have been married for 3 months!!! Can you even believe that it has been that long since our wedding?!? In two days, we will have been together for 4 years. It feels so natural to be married to this wonderful man and I just look forward to him coming home everyday to spend more time with him. He is really the reason I even have a house to sleep in :) I know that he is probably more than frustrated with my job situation (which I will get into soon) but he has just been so supportive and loving every single day and for that I love him so very much. Now, I would like to list out just a few of the very impressive tasks Kyle has accomplished on our house:

1) Envisioned what this house could be if fixed and taken care of! (That was a major task in and of itself)

2) Tiled the kitchen floor himself

3) Tore down all of the fake wood paneling

4) Sheetrocked the nasty auditorium ceiling tiles in the bedrooms

5) Installed numerous fans, lights, sinks, dishwasher, oven, fridge, etc.

6) Envisioned an amazing downstairs including master bathroom, bedroom, media room, 2 HUGE master closets, laundry room, etc out of one big terrible-looking room.

7) Painted

...The list could go on and on and on. I am just so impressed by how smart and handy he is and it baffles my mind how many hours he has put into our house without a peep of complaint. I am truly blessed.

I must also thank everyone for their help in the process. Most especially Julie for painting almost our entire 1st floor. For this service we have promised her three grandchildren to the best of our abilities. Kyle and I had to paint the basement because Kyle didn't want that number to continue creeping upward. haha. Also for Rhino, Clay, and Terry for building our beautiful wood deck! To Randy, for his endless advice and assistance. There were many nights when he was driving back from working on his own subdivision at 11pm and saw our lights on and came over to see what he could help us with. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!

Next up is my job. I am so excited to say that I have accepted and signed an offer for a position at Patewood Medical Campus, through the Greenville Hospital System, in Pediatric Neurology. I am a certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and will be working in that capacity with three fabulous and kind neurologists. We will be adding a fourth doctor in July when she finishes all of her schooling/residencies/fellowship. I will see patients with headaches, seizures, cerebal palsy, and various other neurological disorders. Now, for the frustrating part...it is taking what seems like forever for me to start. I was offered this position in late August or early September and the credentialing process is still ongoing. Getting credentialed through a hospital is a long and tedious process, although it makes me more comfortable about the types of healthcare providers that are allowed to work for the hospital. Credentialing includes having your appropriate certification, licensure, vaccinations, employment history check, background check, reference check, etc. As of yesterday, my tentative start date was December 8th. Hopefully I will start then, if not before.

Moving on from that, I am very excited for a couple days to spend with Kyle and my family over Thanksgiving. Kyle and I are driving up to Delaware to see my family for the holiday. Katy and Stephen (her fiance) are going to be there as well and I will also get to see my Nanny (mom's mom) and my Aunt Fanny (mom's aunt) on Thanksgiving Day. I will get to see the Gibbs (next-door-neighbors that are just like grandparents) and my wonderful friends!!! I was excited to see my grandmom and grandpop (dad's parents) but unfortunately my Grandmom was in the hospital all last week with a pulmonary embolism, a clot in her lungs, so she is now unable to travel for the time being. She is home and feeling much better, but needs lots of prayers and positive thoughts for a continued speedy recovery.

Anyway, I am going to finish watching Aladdin (on ABC Family's movie countdown to Christmas!!) and then possibly do a little painting if I can get motivated. Everyone try to stay warm (mom said it was snowing up in Delaware today! Brrrr)!!

Love to everyone,


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